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Monahans Memorial Cemetery

It is an honor for us to be able to help your family during such a difficult time.
The cemetery is owned and operated by the city of Monahans. It is located at 400 S. Helen Street.  The cemetery has not reached full capacity, there are lots available. 
Our primary mission is to maintain and support the cemetery in accordance with Texas State Law governing perpetual care cemeteries.  We do this by providing services and assistance to the public and funeral homes.
City Hall is responsible for keeping accurate burial, deed and other related documentation on the cemetery.  For questions or information on purchasing a lot please contact City Hall at (432) 943-4343.  City Hall is located at 112 W. 2nd Street.
The gates of Monahans Memorial Cemetery are open 365 days a year.  We encourage family members and friends to visit at any time.
The cemetery lawn is well maintained by city staff.  Natural cut flowers may be placed on graves, they will be removed when they become unsightly or when necessary for cemetery operations.  Artificial flowers and wreaths will also be permitted.  These items may not be secured to headstones or makers.  Permanent plantings, statues, vigil lights, breakable objects and similar items are not permitted.  Items with incorporating beads and wires are considered hazardous because they may become entangled in mowers and other equipment and cause injury to cemetery personnel.
For information on purchase prices and service offered or information on monument regulations please refer to the links on the left.



Monahans, TX