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Code Enforcement

The Code Enforcement Department is responsible for enforcing city ordinances dealing with unsightly matters such as high grass and weeds, accumulation of trash, wood debris, building and fencing material, furniture, appliances, junk vehicles, tires and car parts, tree limbs and other related materials.  The Code Enforcement Officer patrols the city streets and alleys to enforce general property maintenance and substandard structures regulations in order to ensure there are no health or safety hazards that might endanger the public.  The officer works with citizens on a daily basis to resolve code violations that impact the health and safety of Monahans citizens.

The Code Enforcement Officer will investigate all violation complaints and work with the private property owners to gain compliance when violations are found or reported.  The City Ordinances are intended to ensuring a cleaner, safer and more attractive community.  Compliance of the city codes and ordinances reduces vandalism, deters crime and maintains property values. 

To submit a complaint or if you have questions regarding a notice you received, the Code Enforcement Officer can be reached at City Hall, (432) 943-4343.

The owner of any lot or yard shall keep it clean and free of weeds, rubbish, brush and any and all other objectionable, unsafe, unsightly or unsanitary matter.

Junked vehicles located within the city are detrimental to the safety and welfare of the general public.  They tend to reduce the value of private property, to invite vandalism, to create fire hazards and are declared to be a public nuisance.

When any owner fails or refuses to clean his property within 10 days after written notice from the city they may be charged with a misdemeanor offense in municipal court.

For more information on the Code Enforcement City Ordinance please refer to the link on the left.


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