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Wastewater Treatment & Disposal

Wastewater management is an important part of city services.  The Wastewater Treatment & Disposal plant administers and enforces regulations in order to protect the city's waste water collection system, treatment plant and workers.  

The Wastewater Departments mission is to provide safe and reliable wastewater services to the community and by focusing on system maintenance and improvements we can continue to exceed the changing needs and demands of the community.   

The Wastewater Treatment & Disposal Department routinely monitors:

  • waste water flow to the treatment plant
  • waste water quality
  • the condition of sewer and street drainage lines


The wastewater quality is monitored at all stages of treatment according to state and federal requirements.  Monahans has received numerous certificates from the Texas Commission for Environmental Quality for maintaining an exceptional waste water treatment record.  The city also recycles water to public parks and recreation areas for irrigation to reduce our fresh water consumption. 


Monahans, TX