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The City of Monahans is committed to long-term financial strategy, maintaining the city's goal of efficient government and financial strength while balancing the desire to meet community needs. 

The City of Monahans fiscal year begins on October 1st, and ends in September 30th.  The City Manager submits a budget of estimated expenditures and revenues that are available for review by the council and citizens.  The Council holds public hearings on the proposed budget. 

The Finance Department is responsible for providing timely, complete and accurate financial information to the City Manager, City Council and all departments and to properly safeguard the assets of the City.  Independent auditors have verified the city has fairly presented its financial position in all the material requested by them.

The Finance Department strives to meet a high standard of financial transparency by publishing records on line.  The City of Monahans Budget and other financial documents can be viewed at City Hall upon request or by using the Financial Reports link to the left.

For the fourth consecutive year, the City of Monahans has received the highest Leadership Circle Award from the Texas Comptroller's Office.  We have received this honor for continuing to achieve financial transparency.  This years award is even more special as the Comptroller's office created the Platinum Star Award that exceeds the very high standard of the Gold Award.  In order to receive the Platinum Star Award, a government entity's efforts must be "above and beyond" in providing financial transparency.  It is a great achievement to receive the Platinum Star Award in its first year.

You can contact the City Secretary, Tonya Todd, at City Hall for more information on the financial reports.

Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
(432) 943-4343
Please use the Financial Reports link on the left to view our Financial Reports, City Budget and Check Register.
Important Links  This webpage includes a link to the Comptroller's website about transparency in government, including local debt.  This website is a one-stop source to collect all available information on local government finances in our state, including the existing and proposed debt of cities, counties, school and hospital districts and hundred of special-purpose districts throughout Texas.
Cross Reference of City of Monahans Specific Information found in TMRS documents for Pension Plan review.
Transparency Information
The City of Monahans is committed to transparency in our operations.  
The following links provide more information regarding the City's steps to transparency.
Traditional Financial Information:
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Debt Obligations Information:
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Public Pension Information:
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Transparency Stars

The City of Monahans makes the following information
available to you, the public, in order to provide transparency
into how exactly your money is being properly managed:
For questions, please contact us at:
City of Monahans
112 W. 2nd Street
Monahans, TX  79756
(432) 943-4343
for instructions on how to make an open records request.
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