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Solid Waste Collection & Disposal

Monahans operates a solid waste collection and disposal system to provide proper collection, transportation and disposal of residential and commercial solid waste for the city in the most cost efficient methods possible.  The goal is to promote health and safety to the community by providing an environment free from hazards and unpleasantness of uncollected solid waste, with the least possible inconvenience to the citizens. 

Green waste containers (dumpsters) are placed in each alley where they are shared by four households.  Businesses are given one container but can request additional containers.


The City is divided into two routes for garbage truck pickup.  The trucks should empty the dumpsters twice weekly, except for holidays.  Depending on the route, pickups will be made Mondays and Thursdays, or Tuesdays and Fridays.  Routes outside the city limits will be covered on Wednesdays.


Please follow these guidelines when disposing of your waste:

  • The following bagged items can be placed in the dumpsters: household garbage, yard rubbish, grass clippings, and small hedge trimmings.
  • Place all wet garbage in plastic bags and tie them off securely to prevent flies, vermin and odors.
  • Flatten boxes to save space. 
  • DO NOT place dirt, brick, rocks, broken cement pieces, large pieces of wood, large appliances or flammable liquids in the dumpster.  These items will damage the garbage trucks when the garbage is compacted.  
  • DO NOT throw dead animals into the container.  Call the Police Department to request the animal control officer to come pick up the animal.
  • Please do not set items beside the container.  Keep the area around the container clean.
  • Close the lids after each use. 
  • Meddling with garbage or rubbish containers in any way or scattering of the contents along the alley way is prohibited and shall be punished as an offense. 
  • Call our City Hall at (432) 943-4343 if you have a special problem or need more information.



The city provides recycling bins that are designated for paper recycling.  We encourage our citizens to use these recycle bins for paper, cardboard, phone books, magazines and newspapers.  The citizens paper recycle program diverts on average 35 to 50 tons of paper a year from going into the landfill. 

Locations of recycle bins:

  • behind City Hall
  • City Service Center on 10th street
  • Each school building and the Administrative Office
  • Court House
  • County Annex Building
  • Sherriff's Office
  • MHMR building


You can take your used motor oil to the Service Center at 700 West 10th Street to be recycled.




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