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Monument Installation Regulation


1. All monuments and markers placed in the cemetery shall be of bronze, granite or marble; no vertical joints therein will be permitted.

2. “Foot” markers are to be placed with finished surface at ground level. Foundations for these markers are not required if on undisturbed soil.

3. Installers must check with cemetery personnel to assure monuments, markers and curbs are properly located. Foundation will be inspected and approved prior to placement of monuments.

4. Foundations for monuments shall be of at least four sack concrete extending six inches (6”) beyond the outside perimeter of the monument base and shall be six inches (6”) in thickness with finished grade at ground level. Monuments and foundations must be leveled end to end and front to back.

5. Setting of monuments over grave openings are to be avoided. Where allowed the foundation must extend the full width of the lot and have three feet (3’) one-half inch (1/2”) steel re-bars set midway in concrete and extend to within two inches (2”) of each end.

6. Grave covers of marble, granite or bronze will not be allowed when preventing regular mowing and maintenance operations. Where allowed a six inch (6”) reinforced concrete foundation extending the full width and length of lot shall be required and the finished cover shall be at ground level. All ground cover requests to be submitted to City Hall.

7. Grave covers of plants and shrubbery will not be allowed when preventing regular mowing and maintenance operations. Where allowed, concrete curbs shall be placed inside lot boundaries with finished surface at ground level.

8. The City will not be responsible for maintenance of any ground cover allowed or damage to any grave covers from mowing and maintenance operations. Where grave covers are permitted, signed release of City responsibility will be required.

9. Lot owners shall not change the grade of any lot, not interfere in any way with the general plan of the improvement if the cemetery. No fences will be permitted within the cemetery.

10. All curbs delineating lot boundaries shall be of four sack concrete and shall be four inches (4”) in width, twelve inches (12”) in depth with finished surface troweled and edged at ground level.

11. Concrete used for foundations and curbs shall be thoroughly mixed before being placed in the excavation to insure proper mixing and to avoid mixing with soil.

12. Lot owners are responsible for the upkeep of the monuments. Any tombstone that becomes loose or presents a safety hazard are subject to being removed or laid on the base. Failure to comply with these regulations, the City will have the right to remove and do away with any object or structure, or any part of any structure within the cemetery that does not meet the City Code.





(a) No person shall discharge any firearm or have possession of any firearm within the cemetery grounds, except in case of military funerals and on Memorial Day, without the written permission of the superintendent.

(b) No grave will be opened except by order of the husband, wife, father, mother, son or daughter of the deceased, and then only for good cause, and the city reserves the right to refuse any request. This provision does not apply when disinterment is ordered by a duly authorized public official.

(c) No person shall remove any object from any place in the cemetery or make any excavation without the consent of the superintendent or his assistant.

(d) All rubbish, unsightly material, or debris accumulating from any work or any cause, must be removed at once by the person or persons causing its accumulation. All derricks, tools, etc., must also be removed at once and the grounds left in as good condition as found.

(e) No person shall obstruct any drive or path in the cemetery or in any way injure, deface or destroy any stone structure, grave, flower, tree, shrub, vine or any other thing in the cemetery.

(f) If any object or structure, or any part of any structure within the cemetery shall be deemed to be objectionable or to have become objectionable or unsightly, the superintendent shall have the right to remove the same.

(g) No person shall drive any vehicle faster than a walk within the cemetery, nor drive over any path or roadway prohibited by the superintendent.

(h) No person shall disturb the quiet of the cemetery by noise of any kind or by any improper conduct.

(i) No person shall enter or leave the cemetery except at the gates thereof.

(j) No person shall use the cemetery grounds or any road therein as a public thoroughfare, nor drive any vehicle through the cemetery grounds except for the purpose of making deliveries in the cemetery.

(k) No child shall be permitted within the cemetery unless accompanied by and in the control of an adult.

(l) No person shall allow his dog to run at large in the cemetery.

(m) No person shall loiter in or on the grounds, walks, drives, or on any lot in the cemetery, and any person found within the cemetery, who fails to give a good and sufficient reason for the presence, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.

(n) No person shall leave unattended or unfastened any horse or other animal in the cemetery.






Monahans Memorial Cemetery property owners fully understand and agree that they will comply with all City regulations and any violations are not subject to warnings or notice and will result in specific City action to enforce said regulations.

Cemetery rules and regulations are subject to change without notice.



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