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Solid Waste Services

The responsibilities of the Solid Waste Services include operating a solid waste collection system, waste water treatment and maintaining the sewage and street drainage lines.

Solid waste includes the green waste containers (dumpsters) in the alleys and the landfill.  We encourage customers with active waste accounts to take any large items to our landfill.

The Waste Water Treatment Plant administers and enforces regulations in order to protect the city's wastewater collection system, treatment plant and workers.

 City employees are well-trained, certified and dedicated.  They are on-call 24 hours a day to meet any emergency.  To report service issues during normal business hours, contact the Water Department at (432) 943-4343.  Outside of normal business hours, you may also report a service problem by contacting the Police Department at (432) 943-3254 and they will contact the on call personnel.


Monahans, TX