Photos of Monahans, TX


The Monahans City Charter was drafted October 30, 1954.  The city administration is considered to be a home rule "council-manager" form of government, run by a mayor and the city council.  The purpose of the city managers office is to provide administrative leadership while working with the city council, city department directors and city staff to develop and implement policies guiding the city.  The City Hall is located at 112 W. 2nd Street and can be reached at (432) 943-4343.


 Members of the Administration

  • Mayor: Adam Steen
  • Council
  • City Manager: Rex M. Thee 
  • City Secretary: Tonya Todd 
  • Finance Officer: Lorena Valle
  • Director of Public Utilities: Bobby Sinclair
  • Chief of Police: Kristofer Quintana
  • Public Works Director/Code Enforcement Officer: Richard Covington
  • Building/Plumbing Inspector: Joel Melendez
Monahans, TX