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Municipal Court

Municipal Court
Municipal Court

The Municipal Court is committed to providing those we serve with impartial and efficient delivery of justice for Class "C" Misdemeanors and parking violations while accomplishing the duties incumbent upon it by the City of Monahans and the State of Texas.  It is the intention of the court to treat all citizens that come before the court with respect, dignity and courtesy. 

For questions or information call the Municipal Court Clerk at (432) 943-6361.  The Municipal Court is located at 301 S. Allen.

Court email:


Municipal Court Judge - Lori Asbury

Municipal Court Clerk - Claudia Sanchez

Deputy Court Clerk - Diana Sedillos

City Prosecutor - Justin Till



Courtroom Rules

Appearance and conduct are important, you must be appropriately dressed and conduct yourself in a respectful manner. 

  • Arrive on time
  • No weapons - firearms, knives, pepperspray etc. - exceptions, law enforcement personnel
  • No food or drinks
  • No tobacco of any kind
  • No shorts, tank tops, halters, muscle or undershirts
  • No shirts or hats displaying obscene or profane words, language or graphics
  • No profane language will be tolerated
  • Cell phones and all other communication devices must be turned off before entering courtroom


Your signature on a citation is not a plea of guilt, it's a promise to appear.  Failure to appear or make arrangements on a citation/charge can result in a warrant being issued for your arrest and additional cost being assessed against you.

Citations issued to minors; a person under the age of 17, must appear with a parent or guardian.

You can request a trial by Judge or Jury.

You may pay a citation or fines by mail, online at, by phone at 1-866-549-1010, or in person at the Municipal Court Building.  If you are paying the citation online, it is recommended that you call the Municipal Court office at (432) 943-6361 and request the correct amount due.


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