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Close Patrol & Vacation Watch Request

The Monahans Police Department offers an added sense of security when you go on vacation or go out of town. With the Vacation Watch program you can leave your residence knowing that law enforcement will be looking after it for you. While you are out of town the Monahans Police Department Patrol Division will check on your residence*.

Patrol Officers will check to assure your residence is secure and that it has not been burglarized. If anything out of the ordinary is found during these checks the emergency contact for the location of the residence will be contacted. The home receiving a vacation watch must typically be occupied and not for sale/rent. Your request must be for a minimum of 2 consecutive days with a maximum of 30 consecutive days, during which the residence must be completely unoccupied. 

Any breaks in time, for example, where you intend to return home for a weekend then leave again, constitute separate “vacations” and must be submitted separately.  Any watch requests for more than 30 days will be rejected. If you wish to request a vacation watch and meet the requirements, please call the police department at (432) 943-3254 to request a close patrol.

*Vacation Watch will be completed by the Monahans Police Department Patrol Division. The frequency of these checks will be dependent upon the call loads in the Patrol District in which you reside. Active calls for service will take precedence.



Have a neighbor or some one you know pickup you newspaper or have your subscription halted while you are gone.

Have a neighbor or some one you know check for sales flyers left at your door.  Have these removed.

Have your mail held at the post office.

Use automatic timers for your lights, T.V., or radio.  This will give the illusion that someone is home.

Ask neighbors to park in your driveway when you are gone.  Again, this will give the illusion that someone is home.

One of the most important things you can do to prevent criminal activity from happening at your residence while you are away is to talk with your neighbors that you trust.  Tell them when you are leaving and when you will be back.  Ask if they will watch your residence while you are gone.  When communities team up and look out for each other this shows a strength that criminals dislike.  Let's team up and work together to help keep an eye out for each other.

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